Automotive SEO: What you need to know

Automotive SEO: What you need to know

Automotive SEO: The Problem

Automotive SEO is vital for car dealerships in todays digital marketplace, but it comes with it’s own set of challenges. I see it far too often; the principle/owner of a car dealership will meet with us to discuss their SEO and find out why they aren’t growing. They’ve got a firm handling it, but just seem to be stagnant and not moving ahead. However, when we take a look at their site, there are important pieces of a quality SEO strategy that are missing. Far too often, I see car dealers taken advantage of due to misinformation. They’ll pay a firm usually between $5,500-$12,000 a month, and are getting no new content, no new backlink development, no conversion optimization, or the like. They are essentially paying to stay right where they are, and make little – to no – progress.

How It Happens

Typically, this is due to a lack of information. SEO is a complex endeavor, and can be very confusing for those who just want to focus on running their business. Compound that with the multitude of firms offering subpar services, and even scams, and the SEO space can get convoluted quickly. We find that most potential customers are not aware of what to look for. So, as long as sales keep happening, they keep paying, without really understanding how to grow. This is an issue that really bothers me on a personal level. At The Micc Group, we focus on delivering real results and ultimately growing top and bottom lines. Therefore, I’ve decided to take the time to give you a brief education on what you should be getting for your marketing dollars when you hire a firm or consultant to provide SEO for your car dealership.


SEO methods, when implemented correctly, can give car dealers a substantial advantage over their competitors. While many dealers spend outrageous amounts of money on ad space and airtime, it’s all too easy for viewers to ignore these conventional forms of advertising. With the targeted keywords used in automotive SEO, and consistently producing new, quality content, dealerships are more likely to be found by potential buyers. Here, readers will learn many elements of  an automotive SEO strategy, why they are important, and how our services can help any dealership grow their business, and protect themselves from wasted investment.

Automotive SEO and Traditional Marketing: Which is Better?

Traditional marketing isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it is part of the big picture for dealerships, just as SEO is. However, conventional marketing methods require the dealer to pursue the buyer (push marketing), while SEO brings the customer to the dealership (pull marketing). There is no outlandish sales pitch required, as automotive SEO allows dealers to stand out from the competition and drive targeted traffic online via search. To maximize effectiveness, it is best to develop an inbound sales funnel that actively works to convert visitors into buyers, using a multitude of tactics. This will ensure your efforts are focused on moving readers through the sales process, and producing revenue. Additionally, it is extremely helpful to utilize the quality content we produce for you (discussed in the next section) to deliver real value to your potential customers, and attempt to get them to reward you with their email address (list building). This allows you to develop a direct line of contact with your potential customer, and begin the process of building a personal relationship with them. That is something quite difficult to do via traditional marketing tactics.

Content for automotive SEO

Content Marketing and Its Effects on SEO

What is content? You’re reading content right now! For the purposes of automotive SEO, written content will be the backbone of your production schedule, but other types of content are important too – i.e. Infographics, Video, etc. Content marketing is a term that’s often used interchangeably with other digital marketing terms, including SEO. While content marketing and automotive SEO should be combined, these services have distinct meanings and focuses. Through content, link-building, optimization, and other strategies, SEO makes sites friendlier to the search engines and ultimately provides the best quality answer to whatever searchers are looking for. This indicates to Googles algorithms – through a complex process – that it should be ranked highest for the given keyword. On the other hand, content marketing creates context for the audience, facilitating a connection between the buyer and the dealership, and giving a voice to your brand. With our content marketing strategies and our automotive SEO services, we help dealers not only get noticed, but also build meaningful relationships with potential buyers.

Effective Link-Building is a Crucial Part of Automotive Search Engine Optimization

When dealership owners want to ramp up their SEO efforts and boost rankings, link-building is a comprehensive way to increase a site’s authority and credibility. Simply put, link-building involves acquiring top-quality inbound links to improve the site’s reputation with the major search engines (URL Rating & Domain Rating). Google uses links to indicate a site’s reputation, quality, and authority while assigning a ranking. We’ll target authoritative, relevant sites – to ensure that dealers’ sites aren’t associated with spam which will protect them from penalties based on artificial, irrelevant links – and develop top quality content that can be used as sources, sited, or otherwise manipulated to develop backlinks to our clients site. Doing this properly involves real outreach, not buying links. Link Farms – which were popular many years ago – have since been weeded out by Googles algorithm and can now cause your site to be penalized in search. That is why ongoing, real outreach is required to essentially shop your content to industry sites, blogs, and the like in order to develop relationships and provide value in exchange for backlinks.

Mobile and Local SEO is Essential

In the recent past, Google has begun to emphasize local search results, with a focus on displaying verified info on local businesses. These changes help users quickly find what they need while allowing reputable dealers to gain customers. Businesses are verified through Google’s My Business service, but the search engine also looks for mentions on review sites and directories. With Google’s hints and rules, dealers can use local search to increase business and stay top-of-mind with local auto buyers. We audit the dealer’s web presence and create listings that increase its local authority, expanding reach and improving visibility.

Local and Mobile for Automotive SEO

Why Auto Dealers Should Choose Us

Digital marketing is not easy, as many dealers have discovered. With so many dealerships out there, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. However, our results speak for themselves. While other companies may have similar ideas, we provide services at the enterprise level, and deliver in ways that benefit dealers’ SEO while increasing their leads and ultimately sales. We focus on increasing your top and bottom line, not just earning you rankings for a given keyword. I say to new clients all the time, “would you rather make a higher ROI ranking 4th for a high traffic keyword, or make no money ranking 1st for a keyword no one is searching for?”. This is another way many firms take advantage of car dealerships when it comes to SEO. They will hand select “low hanging fruit” – keywords with little to no search volume – and then deliver a shiny report that shows top rankings for those keywords; but sales don’t increase. Why is that? Great question! It is because an important part of keyword research is identifying keywords with a strong search volume (customers are actually searching that keyword). Those keywords will be more difficult and take more time to achieve, which is why many firms avoid them. However, we make high volume keywords our mission, and go to war for your brand to earn top positions – and ultimately sales. Search engine optimization is a dynamic concept, and Google’s frequent rule changes sometimes prove problematic for businesses operating on a shoestring budget. We take an aggressive stance on automotive SEO, but ethics are at the core of everything we do. I would like to invite you to read Our Principles by which we do business, to gain a better understanding of how we operate.

Constant Improvement Yields Better Results

We constantly refine our automotive SEO services, so we can provide our clients with the best and most effective service possible, but we never take shortcuts. They do not last, and can cause more harm than good. Do not be fooled! Our products and services closely follow Google’s rules and changes are made not to circumvent algorithm updates, but to adhere to them, thereby serving our clients more effectively. Our success is tied to that of our clients, and we are proud to work hard so local dealerships can grow and expand. We look for dealership groups we can grow with, build relationships with, and who adhere to similar core values as our self. Call us today to get started on a free SEO analysis, where we’ll help develop a search engine optimization strategy that will put your dealership ahead of its competition—and keep it there.

Get Started Today

We believe in earning your business every month with top performance. Therefore, we do not lock you into long-term contracts of any kind. We do suggest that clients allow at least 90 days for results to begin to fully develop, however.  It is easy for an SEO agency to make promises, but it is much harder to deliver on them month-after-month. We embrace that challenge and pride ourselves on earning your business – and your trust – each and every month. Do not take our word for it; check our references and read our online testimonials! We are very proud of our results, and our clients experience such great long-term performance that they are happy to talk about their experiences with our company.

Need Proof?

Download our Automotive SEO Case Study below to see how our strategies work for dealers across the country:

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