Slash Customer Acquisition Cost
In Half with Optimum Dealer©

Auto dealer advertising is about to change in a profound way. There is a smarter, more cost-effective, and proficient way to move cars via digital platforms. Your dealership can be the first in your market to utilize the affordable, adept, AI technology that can eclipse the competition.

Exceed your wildest ROI expectations with Optimum Dealer©. Available from The Micc Group, Optimum Dealer© is a breakthrough marketing technology that takes advantage of innovative, artificial intelligence to automatically create and hyper-target dynamic, relevant ads geared toward truly potential customers.

You know that creating a torrent of Facebook Automation ads in the hope that something will stick is a waste of time and money. Driven by proven AI, we generate consistent, pertinent and measurable advertising fashioned around your available inventory, on any given day.

We act as your in-house creative team and marketing experts. Our AI crawls and updates your inventory & pricing daily, before matching your available cars to likely buyer personas in your area — right down to the body style and color your customers are looking for. It is a secret weapon against an oversaturated market.

Optimum Dealer© is the most advanced way to marry your automotive PPC (pay-per-click) budget with maximum ROI, and dominate the competition consistently.


You can drive customers straight to a particular VDP (vehicle details page) that matches their vehicle interest, based on real data from third party sources like Oracle, Facebook, and Mastercard transactions. One of the reasons Optimum Dealer© is so effective is that the AI constantly works to match customers with automobiles they actually want, and reallocates spend 24 hours a day based on real-time ad performance.

With Optimum Dealer©, you can target potential buyers by:

  • Credit Score & Other Qualifying Criteria
  • Employment History
  • Demographics: including age, gender, and income.
  • Psychographics: activities, interests, and opinions.
  • Geography: target customers in specific areas, or within a certain mile range.
  • Desired Vehicle: reach out to buyers in the market for a definitive make, model, and color of car on your lot.

These hyper-targeting techniques – paired with the rest of Optimum Dealers© functionality – consistently results in dramatically reduced cost-per-click averages, and sharpe increases in sales opportunities.

You deserve to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We can assist you in developing a meaningful, direct line of communication with your audience.

Our slogan, Born to create, Driven to achieve, defines who we are. Allow us the opportunity to make your business reach the next level of success. Remember, here at The MICC GROUP, we are driven by your success. We are motivated by your achievements.

If you are even slightly curious about how Optimum Dealer© can generate the best, most relevant ad content for your dealership, please give us a call at (833) 200-6422.

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