Award-Winning Composer & Guitarist

Masakazu Ito is one of the world’s most accomplished classical guitarists, acclaimed both for his technical precision and his interpretive musicality. Ito has won seven major international awards, including the prestigious Andres Segovia International Guitar Competition, and appeared as a featured performer on Kitaro’s Thinking of You, which won the 2001 Grammy as Best New Age Album.

Though Ito has played at numerous festivals and charity events in his career, much of his creative time over the last 10 years has been spent recording, composing and teaching. Now, he is set to embark on an ambitious 2018 U.S. concert tour that promises to demonstrate his rare combination of fluency, range and tonality to a wider audience. Ito’s management engaged the Micc Group’s fully integrated promotional capabilities to design, schedule and publicize the concerts, as well as redesign and rebuild Masa’s online branding, while developing an overall brand strategy.

Who is Masa?

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