Coronavirus Driven eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Coronavirus Driven eCommerce Marketing Strategies

The way businesses and customers interacted changed when the Coronavirus made its way across the United States. If a business was considered non-essential, they closed their doors to reopen at an undetermined time. Even with the reopening of businesses, the restrictions imposed on establishments make it hard for customers to shop comfortably.


Many people have sought comfort in shopping online for everyday items. How can businesses implement and use eCommerce marketing strategies to build back profits?

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What is eCommerce Marketing?

The practice of using promotional strategies that drive traffic to online stores and converting that traffic into a paying customer is eCommerce marketing. It becomes more profitable when those strategies are used to increase online customer retention.


eCommerce stands for electronic commerce. Most marketing strategies get implemented to bring brand awareness, so when it gets implemented in an online marketplace platform, eCommerce marketing is born.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which.

How the Coronavirus Can Increase eCommerce Sales

The Coronavirus has reshaped the way that business is being done between brand owners and their customers. When businesses closed to in-person shopping, they had to get creative to get products to their customers. Some businesses began allowing people to order online and pick up curbside or have the product shipped to them.


For those non-essential businesses that did not have a way to stay open, they have taken a huge hit financially. Despite the business loans that were available to small businesses during the Coronavirus crisis, it may have only been enough to keep the business from going under completely. Now that reopening is happening, how can these businesses launch their brand and increase their sales and increase profits?

Gaining a Presence in the eCommerce World

Even if your business never had a presence online, it is crucial now, more than ever, to begin looking into the eCommerce platforms. Jumping into eCommerce can be confusing, so hiring professionals to help you get your start often works out better for driving business.

The basics of gaining a presence in the eCommerce world can be simple to accomplish. If you don’t know what you are doing, this task can become frustrating and even burdensome. Here are the ways that a professional will help you using eCommerce marketing strategies.


  • Optimize your business site for search
    • It is time to accept that SEO (search engine optimization) is always going to be a big part of your business’ marketing strategy. Regardless of the circumstances (with a professional marketing consultant or not), your site has to be showing up in searches, or you are not going to get seen.
    • Keywords are gold in the SEO world. The goal is to drive traffic to your business’ website, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. Staying on top of keywords and your SEO are going to be a vital part of any marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing
    • Content marketing is a way for a business that is looking to increase its eCommerce and visibility online by incorporating blogging. Blogging isn’t the only way to indirectly lead traffic to the site, but it is one of the most commonly used strategies.
    • When blogging for content marketing, the idea is to be indirect. The purpose is not to advertise for your company but to draw in attention by talking about the industry. For example, your company specializes in clothing, and you are bringing a new product to the market. The blog should be about the types of apparel on the market today and the different ways these apparel items can be used.
    • The purpose of the indirectness is to help with the population of the blog in search results. If your new product is a belt that allows for all shapes and sizes, you don’t want to focus on that. Using a title like “What is the best belt for your body type?” will draw traffic to the content.
  • Write for someone else
    • Another way to bring brand awareness is to offer a guest post for someone else. By bringing your expertise on a subject to their blog or website, you are indirectly promoting your brand. People want to see an expert in the industry explaining ideas and are more likely to visit that expert’s business site to buy from them.
  • Use social media
    • People are obsessed with social media platforms. Using it to promote your business is a no-brainer. Having active links to your sales site and showing reviews from other customers will enhance what you already have going. Customers are more likely to listen to another customer on social media about a product than from a review on your website.
Using eCommerce Marketing to Work for You During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has already established the need for more shoppers to have the ability to buy online and have delivery or pick up options available. At the end of May, there was a surge in eCommerce by 248%. People are afraid to go to the store for the risk of being exposed to the virus.


Before the Coronavirus, not a lot of businesses (especially the mom and pop stores) didn’t handle many purchases online. Some of them didn’t even entertain the idea. With the change in the economy, it is becoming necessary for these businesses to leap.


Professionals in the eCommerce marketing industry identify the changes that need to be made in the digital footprint of a business. Using the strengths of the business itself, they can strategize and bring the brand up to speed with the changing online formats. As sales increase, especially online, so do the profits for a business.


Continuing eCommerce Marketing Strategies After Coronavirus

Just because the restrictions will lessen over time doesn’t mean that we can let our eCommerce marketing strategies lessen. There is no guarantee that businesses will not be forced to close again, but if you already have a great eCommerce platform established, then you may not have to worry as much about profit loss.


Professional eCommerce marketing companies can help keep your business strategies up to date no matter what circumstances arise. Building a strong brand to get through these types of situations is crucial for the survival of a business. Let the professionals help you build a strategy that can take you into the next chapter of your business.


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