Hotsuit Apparel

The Hotsuit Challenge

Hotsuit developed groundbreaking nano-silver fabric technology and built world-class
manufacturing to produce an elite line of performance apparel. After successfully securing an
international patent and designing their first men’s & women’s collections, Hotsuit approached The Micc Group to develop and execute a global go-to-market strategy, develop their first eCommerce website, and grow their social media channels into profit-producing marketing channels.

ClientHotsuit® Apparel
Sales Generated+$50MM

How We Helped Hotsuit

We engaged by conducting a comprehensive brand audit, identifying goals, production
capabilities, and prime prospects. We designed an omnichannel marketing strategy, developed
an optimized e-commerce website utilizing the Shopify platform, and built enterprise-quality
social channels to communicate the innovative functionality of the nano-silver based product
line. Next, we executed a successful product launch on the Amazon platform, running digital
campaigns to fuel initial awareness and velocity, as well as launching list-building campaigns
across channels. Simultaneously, we began executing a hyper-targeted SEO strategy to drive
organic traffic and conducted targeted blogger outreach placing the brand in front of thousands
of in-market buyers around the globe. Once lists were built, we leveraged them to build
lookalike audiences and design social campaigns to drive engagement and conversions.
Additionally, we deployed targeted email drip campaigns to acquire low-cost conversions and
further engage targeted consumers.


Our Results

Initial launch was a massive success, growing monthly total sales over $100,000/mo in just a few months and establishing Hotsuit as a disruptive force in the apparel space.

Today, leveraging our strategies and functions, Hotsuit earns over $50 Million per year in global revenue including over $24 Million per year on the Amazon platform alone. Hotsuit maintains a highly engaged audience across all channels, earning an average transaction value of over $120, a conversion
rate upwards of 3%, and has a returning customer rate of over 65%.

Hotsuit continues to design & deploy innovative collections across men’s and women’s apparel and is determined to challenge the world’s leading apparel brands in markets around the globe.

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