Pi Lit

The Pi-Lit Challenge

Pi-Lit came to The Micc Group with a unique challenge. Their primary source of targeted leads were trade shows, but the COVID-19 pandemic was ravaging the world and forcing all trade shows to cancel for the year. This pinched off leads for Pi Lit for the rest of the year, and crated concerns for the future of business development.


Now, they were left with dwindling leads, a world-class product line, and a burning desire to kick-start lead generation and email marketing right now. After getting to know Dan, Adam, and Jim, we knew Pi Lit and The Micc Group were a perfect fit. Starting with a test-market budget, none of us had any idea the success we had in store. 

ClientPi Variables Inc.
Facebook Engagement +147,570%
LinkedIn Engagement +975%
Facebook Cost Per Lead$1.46
Facebook Cost Per Click$0.18
Email Open Rate31%

How We Help Pi Lit

We engaged by conducting a comprehensive brand audit, identifying goals, buyer personas, and learning more about their groundbreaking technology. Next, we designed an omni-channel marketing strategy based around Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. Pi Lit provided us with targeted email lists acquired from their usual trade show circuit.

We drafted and designed stunning email drip series, and leveraged this data to create hyper-targeted audiences across channels. We developed a laser-focused social media calendar, and produce weekly content unique to each channels audience. 

Next, we deployed targeted Facebook ad campaigns and retargeted visitors with lead generation campaigns. We helped Pi-Lit setup Zapier automations to automatically import Facebook leads into their Copper CRM pipeline, seamlessly integrating their pipeline. 

First 30 Days Result

Managing Facebook “clicks” campaigns, we drove traffic to the website capturing data for the FB pixel and building a retargeting audience. We deployed targeted email campaigns to lists acquired by Pi Lit and produced sales on our very first email blast. 

We reduced Cost Per Click by over 72% from an initial CPC of $0.55 to the current CPC of $0.15. Retargeting with lead generation campaigns, we reduced on-facebook Cost Per Lead by nearly 92%, from an initial CPL of $18.50 to the current CPL of $1.46.

In just 30 days, we boosted Facebook engagement by over 140,000% and grew LinkedIn engagement by over 900%. We drove audience growth of over 700% in just 30 days, and created a consistent, scalable lead generation engine. 

We continue to help Pi Variables grow and save lives on the roadway with their innovative traffic control technology.